Best Selling Fragrances

* Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers.

Hunnee B'z Perfume Oils has no affiliation with the manufacturers/designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction, and the purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies; therefore they do not violate any copyright laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison.

Prod #         Fragrance

[African Fantasy]
[533E] [Black Butter]
[021E] [Black Woman]
[599E] [Blackberry & Magnolia]
[364M] [Compares to 3AM (Sean John) Type Men]
[436L] [Compares to Acqua Di Gioia Type Women]
[007L] [Compares to Angel Type Women]
[008M] [Compares to Anucci Type Men]
[578L] [Compares To Ari (Arianna Grande) Type Women]
[415M] [Compares To Armani Code Colonia Type]
[383M] [Compares to Armani Code Profumo Type Men]
[289M] [Compares to Aventus (Creed) Type Men]
[598L] [Compares To Bella Type Women]
[445L] [Compares To Beyonce Heat Rush Type Women]
[349L] [Compares To Beyonce Heat Type Women]
[286L] [Compares To Can Can Type Women]
[371M] [Compares to Carolina Herrera Type Men]
[387M] [Compares To CH Africa Type Men]
[573L] [Compares to Chance Eau Fraiche Type Women]
[571L] [Compares to Chance Eau Vive Type Women]
[602L] [Compares To Chanel Leau Type Women]
[401M] [Compares To Coach NY Type Men]
[448L] [Compares To Coach Poppy Type Women]
[282M] [Compares To Creed Silver Mountain Type Men]
[569L] [Compares to Creed White Flower Type Women]
[447L] [Compares To DKNY Pure Type Women]
[044M] [Compares To Dolce & Gabbana Type Men]
[372M] [Compares to Drakkar Extreme Men]
[297L] [Compares To Ed Hardy Type Women]
[278M] [Compares To Eternity Aqua Type Men]
[597L] [Compares To Gabrielle Type Women ( Chanel )]
[599L] [Compares To Good Girl Type Women]
[601L] [Compares to Gucci Bloom Type Women]
[279M] [Compares To Gucci Guilty Type Men]
[449L] [Compares To Gucci Guilty Type Women]
[370M] [Compares to Hugo Dark Blue Type Men]
[224M] [Compares To I Am King (Sean John) Type Men]
[576L] [Compares To Illicit (JImmy Choo) Type Women]
[341M] [Compares to Invictus (Paco Rabanne) Type Men]
[421M] [Compares To Invictus Inense Type Men]
[187M] [Compares To Issey Miyake Summer Type Men]
[069M] [Compares To Issey Miyake Type Men]
[336M] [Compares to Jay Z Gold Type Men]
[432M] [Compares To Jimmy Choo Blue Type Men]
[519L] [Compares to Jimmy Choo Flash Type Women]
[407M] [Compares To Jimmy Choo Ice Type Men]
[399M] [Compares to Jimmy Choo Intense Type Men]
[351M] [Compares To Jimmy Choo Type Men]
[435L] [Compares to Jimmy Choo Type Women]
[223L] [Compares To Juicy Couture Type Women]
[370L] [Compares To Kim Kardashian Type Women]
[337M] [Compares to Lacoste Red Type Men]
[422M] [Compares to Legend Night Type Men]
[388M] [Compares To Lemale Poeye Type Men]
[076L] [Compares To Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana) Type Women]
[518L] [Compares to Marc Jacobs Honey Type Women]
[083L] [Compares To Michael Kors Type Women]
[319E] [Compares To Midnight Pomegranate Type (BBW)]
[586L] [Compares to Midnight Shimmer (Michael Kors) Type Women]
[524L] [Compares to Minajesty (N. Minaj) Type Women]
[509L] [Compares To Nude by Rihanna Type Women]
[257M] [Compares To Oceans by Nautica Type Men]
[346M] [Compares to One Million Intense Type Men]
[405M] [Compares to Oud Minerale (Tom Ford) Type Men]
[333M] [Compares to Oud Wood (Tom Ford) Type Men]
[094M] [Compares To Paris Hilton Type Men]
[104L] [Compares To Paris Hilton Type Women]
[106L] [Compares To Patti Labelle Type Women]
[499L] [Compares To Pink Friday (N. Minaj) Type]
[178L] [Compares To Pink Sugar Type Women]
[431M] [Compares To Polo Red Rush Type Men]
[324M] [Compares to Polo Red Type Men]
[426M] [Compares To Polo Ultra Blue Type Men]
[481L] [Compares To Prada Candy Type Women]
[404M] [Compares to Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Type Men]
[604L] [Compares To Rihanna Crush Type Women]
[574L] [Compares to RiRi by Rihanna Type Women]
[263M] [Compares To Rocawear X Type Men]
[570L] [Compares to Rogue Love Type Women]
[373M] [Compares to Sauvage (Dior) Type Men]
[528L] [Compares to Sexy Amber Type Women]
[548L] [Compares to Si by Giorgio Armani Type Women]
[181E] [Compares To Sugar Warm Vanilla Type (BBW)]
[339M] [Compares to Tom Ford Noir Type Men]
[529L] [Compares to Tory Burch Type Women]
[394L] [Compares To True Religion Type Women]
[259L] [Compares To Unforgivable Type Women]
[544L] [Compares to Viva La Juicy Gold Type Women]
[516L] [Compares to Viva La Juicy Noir Type Women]
[612L] [Compares To Viva La Juicy Rose Type Women]
[340L] [Compares To Viva La Juicy Type Women ( Juicy Couture )]
[338M] [Compares to Voyage N83 Type Men]
[403M] [Compares To Y by YSL Type Men]
[057E] [Egyptian Musk]
[114E] [Lick Me All Over]
[155E] [Pussycat]
[185E] [Superior White Amber (All Sales Final)]